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Clash Royale: Simple Game Tips To Win A Match

Clash Royale is a video game developed and distributed by Supercell. The game can be played on iOS and Android platforms. The highest level is thirteen, and it has ten arenas. It is a card game, and a player can acquire cards to be used in battle. It is not easy to obtain free gems for Clash Royale gem hack, so players can purchase gems with the use of real in the card shop.

Supercell added lessons that would introduce you to the various systems at play. During the lesson, you would go against the computer and after which, you can play against real people online. Check out these tips.

• To win a match, you need to destroy the tower in the middle, although they are three opponent towers. Your focus should just be on the middle tower.

• Bear in mind that you also have to defend your tower. Any opponent who can destroy another opponent’s middle tower wins the match. Where none of the opponents can destroy each other’s middle tower, the opponent that destroyed the most towers would win the match.

• Always watch the game timer while playing. The game is for three minutes, and a winner ought to emerge at the end. If time is running out and your troops are close to destroying your opponent’s tower, the best is to go all out on the attack so far you take out your opponent’s tower, you would win the match.

Try as much as you can to win a multiplayer battle so that you can win some chest. It takes a certain time to unlock a chest, depending on the type you won. But with the use of a free gem in Clash Royale you can use gems to speed up the unlocking.